Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FACE OFF! Political Pundit Puts Mosby Out There... On Facebook

Filed by A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L.

Baltimore's political scene continues to be a good source of social media fodder. In this latest episode, well known political commentator, Hassan "Mr. Politics" Giordano, takes aim squarely at Boston native, Marilyn Mosby, prime challenger to State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein for the next election. Mosby is also the wife of city councilman Nick Mosby, one of Baltimore's more popular politicos with a social media presence.

The text below was posted by Giordano on Facebook this morning. After garnering lots of comments in a flurry of responses, the entire thing was suddenly deleted without explanation.
Hilarious how sensitive and insincere these politicos and wanna-be politicos are when you don't agree with them 100%! God forbid you actually write a non-bias article that points out inefficiencies, and they become so petty they 'unfriend' you on FB/Twitter!
How can you say you wanna represent the entirety of the Baltimore electorate, but get upset when someone you called a 'friend' doesn't say what YOU want them too, and then stomp off like a spoiled brat?! Do WE really want a State's Attorney like that??

When asked who he was talking about, Giordano came back with the following:

Ms. Mosby... Bernstein is still a Friend on FB and calls me himself if we don't agree, and we talk it out like ADULTS!

Don't need fake-a$$ people who claim to be Friends than act in such a childish manner! I guess anybody who supports/votes for Bernstein or Russell A Neverdon Sr will get unfriended as well huh?! SMDH...
My so-called biggest supporter and advocate earlier this year, who I had been urging to jump into the SA race since last year, shows her true colors when the rubber met the road!
Now she walks around with this fake ass air about her, talking tough but NOT saying nothing; and has the nerve to 'unfriend' me and talk about me behind my back because I support a TRUE FRIEND, Russell A Neverdon Sr who has a clue and plans to change the culture of the prosecutorial system here in Baltimore, not just trying to be a political figure head looking to create a political dynasty for themselves and their family!!?
He tried sitting down with her and was also rebuffed and talked to like a child by her and her arrogant husband! SMDH...yeah I said it, so what yal wanna do?!
The Baltimore Spectator contacted Giordano, and Mr. and Mrs. Mosby for comment. As of this writing, only Marilyn Mosby responded via twitter.

Researcher, independent investigative journalist, and entrepreneur, A.F. James MacArthur has been a member of the underground news network for nearly over 20 years.

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